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Surety Bond

surety bond is a contract between three parties—the principal (you), the Surety, and the obligee (the entity requiring the bond)—in which the surety financially guarantees to an obligee that the principal will act in accordance with the terms established by the bond.

Professional Liability

Provides protection for your professional services business from claims of negligence during the course of conducting business or failing to perform your professional duties. You’re protected even if you haven’t made a mistake. Also known as errors and omissions, or E&O, coverage,

General Liability

General liability insurance protects your business from third party’s claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs, property damage, and personal injury like slander and libel.

Business Owner’s

Business Owners Policies were created specifically for small business owners to help address risks to buildings, business income, business personal property, computer equipment, etc.   As a small business, addressing your risks and challenges with a broad range of property and liability coverages, and preparing for the unexpected is a good idea..

Cyber Security

Dimirak has partnered with CyberShield Global to bring you an exclusive cyber security package, coupled with a comprehensive cyber insurance policy to keep you financially covered in the event of a breach.  CSG’s mission is to protect small and medium sized businesses from cyber threats.


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